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In 2017 a radical change in operating the Society took place, being run by an Administrator who fulfills most tasks
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A Brief History of the Bechuanalands & Botswana Society
Please note a review of the Society 'through the eyes of its journal' was published in The Runner Post No 95

In the Spring of 1984 Roy Setterfield mailed a two page newsletter simply entitled BECHUANALAND to a group of collectors that he knew were interested in Bechuanaland Philately with a subheading that read - This is the first attempt at a (newsletter) for our Project ...This newsletter was typewritten and photocopied with a single illustration of a GUBULAWAYO BECHUANALAND cancellation.
Roy sent out forty copies and besides himself, he and Brian Trotter were essentially the most enthusiastic and at the time Brian was working on his postmark typology that was later to develop into a special society postmark study.

From these humble beginnings the Bechuanaland Study Circle with its Journal came to life - A more Comprehensive History appears under Publications. By December 1991 the Society had one hundred members living in the United Kingdom, Botswana, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands, U.S.A. and Zimbabwe.

The Society Journal

The next newsletter was distributed later that same year and was adequately headed NEWSLETTER No TWO BECHUANALAND PROJECT.
The third newsletter was distributed early the following year and was headed BECHUANALANDS NEWSLETTER No 3. Given that there are two versions of the second and third newsletters, it intimates that they were retyped and copied as required and were distributed to an increasing larger circle of interested parties.

Besides Roy Setterfield, the first contribution to the newsletter came from Jim Catterall who reported on high denomination stamps used at Francistown on parcel labels of gold sent through the mail. Brian Trotter and Karl Seligmann also contributed and Roy Setterfield noted: This is more like a Newsletter should be - not just an one man effort.
NEWSLETTER No 4 was distributed in the autumn of 1985 entitled The Runner Post and it is considered that this issue was the inaugural Runner Post given that it includes the minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of the Bechuanalands and Botswana Society and a quote from that meeting notes - Having regard to our scattered membership, a Newsletter is essential, to be issued quarterly, by Airmail where necessary. The next issue No 4, to include the report of this meeting, to be improved in appearance, and to be entitled The Runner Post. The style, content, format, costs of production and postage were discussed, also editorship.

Subsequent issues often contained references to both NEWSLETTER and RUNNER POST and maintained a sequence of parallel numbering for the two. The former numbering continued to Newsletter No 12, with Runner Post No 9, after that several years elapsed before another newsletter was issued. Possibly due to a lack of indexing NEWSLETTER No 4 appeared in January 1999 and following Newsletter No 6, its name was changed to Runner News. Only six editions of Runner News appeared and the last in March 2003 as
No 11. The revitalized Newsletter - Runner News occurred during a period of little activity and the former included Society news, whilst the Runner Post featured philatelic and postal history news and articles

From the first issue in 1985 The Runner Post rapidly developed into the Journal we know today and from issue No 2 Alan MacGregor joined Roy Setterfield as editor and continued in that role for some seventeen years until Neville Midwood took over in July 2000, he resigned, without prior notice, in August 2015. Otto Peetoom currently holds the reins as Editor.

The three Official Logos of the Bechuanalands and Botswana first appeared on the front cover of Journal No 1 and the iconic Runner was introduced from Runner Post No 4 in August 1986 and an ISSN number (0953-3354) was allotted from No. 10 in March 1988. The front cover of The Runner Post has changed little in its design since it was launched in 1985.

In August 2015 Graham Edwards, a graphic designer, produced a 'New look' to the front cover
and the society finally joins the twenty first century

Subscriptions for 2017 are Inland £17, Europe £22, Overseas £25

Past and present Editors
Issue No 1 - Roy Setterfield
Issues No’s 2 to 12
Roy Setterfield and Alan MacGregor
Issues No’s 13 to 21
Alan MacGregor and Roy Setterfield

Issues No’s 22 to 50
Alan MacGregor
Issue No 51 MacGregor and Midwood
Issue 52 to No 89
Neville Midwood
Issue 90 onwards Otto Peetoom

The Runner Post was issued quarterly with an average of about one hundred pages per annum.
Production - Alan MacGregor originally produced the Journal using Microsoft Word and pasted illustrations onto a master printout which was mailed to London. Each Issue was photocopied and distributed using a yellowish card cover for the European and American members and those in Southern Africa received their journal locally produced.

Peter Thy’s experience was that the Runner Post was photocopied and distributed from Botswana, often of poor quality and frequently without its cover and that was considered the best possible effort available from Gaborone at the time.
The previous editor collated The Runner Post electronically and printed it with a laser printer and in June 2004 the first issue appeared in colour.
The journal continued as an in-house production being on doubled sided A4 and stapled at left - this continued until mid 2012 (No 84)
From Issue 85 (Spring 2013) the journal is done by a high street printer and produced as an A4 booklet, stapled in the centre making it user friendly.

The above History of the Society Journal is a condensed version that was collated by Peter Thy - Published in 2006 in a Cumulative Index 1985 - 2005

A comprhensive review of the Society is published in The Runner Post No 95 June 2017
The Website

The age of modern day Philatelists invariably ranges from late fifties to their eighties and many of them only posses basic computer skills. For instance how many of you know that in order to enlarge the text on your screen simply hit Ctrl+ more than once if necessary and to restore back hit Ctrl-

I currently maintain four commercial websites, a fifth for the South African Collectors’ Society and this site is number six. They are all Philatelic sites and therefore I have evolved an approach that the foregoing websites are by and large for the benefit of the mature population. It is therefore essential that my websites are as uncomplicated as is possible. Starting from the Home or Opening page there are eight basic Pages plus a static one, which is Links to other sites.

The vast majority of Philatelic Websites are dormant, out of date or lack the necessary content to raise their searchable profile with Google.
They are often dull and bland, therefore I use colour and try to introduce some humour.
During May 2017 this Website has been completely overhauled and rationalized and will receive further attention during 2017.

The Basic structure of this website consists of an Index Page known as the Home Page
There are Ten Key Pages providing the same number of Main Menus and these are displayed at the top right of each page

Page one is a News Desk and here the latest news received or alterations to the Website are announced and I recommend that whenever anyone logs on, look at this page first.

About Us

Includes a Brief History my Philatelic Activities and if you wish to be part of this Website, you are invited to participate.

Publications Essentially anything and everything that has ever been written about Bechuanaland Philately may be Posted here. Peter Thy in Amercica has already made a substantial Contribution - Thank you Peter

Collect Bechuanaland
I am currently in the process of laying on a Picture show of all the Issues starting with Stellaland. My source for these images is courtesy of Alan MacGregor and myself Otto Peetoom.

Images for the Website
Must be jpeg and 200dpi is sufficient - All images need to be resized in order to reduce their file size.
A stamp at 200dpi is around 60KB and after resizing it will be less than 10KB

Otto & Gillian Peetoom on their stand at the
London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition

Otto Peetoom - Webmaster, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Editor

As a keen lifelong Philatelist I constantly research many aspects of South and Central African Philately and since 1993 I have published my own magazine entitled The Rhodesian Philatelist. I have written numerous articles that have been published in several Journals which include Gibbons Stamp Monthly, The South African Philatelist, Forerunners, The Springbok and The Runner Post and a number of them have been posted on this website.

Southern Africa Philately

In June 2015 a decision was made to launch an Independent journal with the aim of promoting the Philately of Southern Africa, Issue No 1 appeared in September 2015 and No 5 is scheduled for February 2017

I started business in April 1979 as a full time stamp dealer with a stamp shop in Ormskirk, England
In 1983 I closed it in order to develop a postal only operation specializing in South and Central Africa

        Roos, East Yorkshire, HU12 0LD - England
Telephone    +44(0)1964 670239


  Specialist in Southern Africa, Rhodesia and Central Africa
Includes South Africa (Includes Pre-Union) - South West Africa (Includes G.S.W.A.) & Namibia. Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Swaziland.

British South Africa Company (BSAC), Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Rhodesia UDI, Nyasaland,

Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika (K.U.T.) Includes British East Africa, Tanganyika, G.E.A.. Mafia Island, N.F.F. Uganda & Zanzibar

Price lists include Stamps, Postal History, Postal Stationery and Postmarks & are available in PDF form by email or as a hard copy by post


Stamp Fairs and Exhibitions
During the 1980's I participated in numerous fairs throughout Britain including STAMPEX London

International Stamp Exhibitions
Since 1990 we have only attended Internationals and were stand holders at PACIFIC 97 in San Francisco, ILSAPEX 98 in Johannesburg and
LONDON 1990, 2000 & 2010

Construction Commenced on the 4th and the site went live on 10 January 2015

The intention of the website is to make it interesting to encourage people to view it on a regular basis

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